Teaching Mathematics

Teaching mathematics


Mathematics could be defines as problem solving subjects which requires strategies to come to a conclusion of a solution that makes sense. Mathematical environments plays a part in providing the students challenges, discussion and opinions about the mathematical ideas among the peers.

The students are the main explorer of the mathematics elements. The students are the one that face the mathematics problems everyday and they are the one that provides the solution to the problems by giving their utmost effort and consistence effort.


For instance, conventional ways of learning mathematics by teacher directing the lessons where children imitate the teacher giving instructions and students to listen, copy, memorize, drill and compute’ are redundant.

Teaching mathematics at this era to students brought up in the 21st century who are more exposed to the modernity levels of thinking. Conventional methods of ‘teacher giving instructions to

At the present moment, teacher who taught mathematics uses language of mathematics. This will increase the children thinking levels. For instance, if the teacher may get the students to compare the weight of two objects and getting them to investigate the two objects by using materials such as weighing machines and writing tools. This will actually gives them an opportunity to use mathematical terms such as ‘weight, size and description’ which will get them to use it as a learning platform of the mathematical elements. In the modernity era, teachers also could allow the children to use technology device to do research on their mathematical task in class, which they will be able to make connections of their understanding on the mathematics concept.